Saturday, November 20, 2010

In the Night no control - Khiladiyon ka khiladi

Original for "In the Night no control" - Khiladiyon ka khiladi
Self Control - Laura Branigan

In the Night no control - Khiladiyon ka khiladi
In the Night no control - Khiladiyon ka khiladi

In the Night no control
Film and year
Khiladiyon ka Khiladi (1996)
Music Director (s)
Anu Malik
Film Director
Umesh Mehra
Singer (s)
On whom filmed
Akshay Kumar and Rekha
Original song
Self Control – Laura Branigan (1985)


  1. आप संगीत के नकलचियों को अच्छा पकड़ रहे हैं. We are enjoying it dear. Thanks.

  2. Why only music? Our Bollywood greats lift whole scenes from Hollywood movies....... no change no improvisation,no pretence of inspiration,just change the artistes and the locales and voila ..creativity at its best.Have a look at 'It happened one night ' and compare Dil hai ki maanata nahin ' or Seven wives for seven brothers and then watch 'SATTE PE SATTA '.There are several more .Good work Indranil ....its good to listen to the original scores !

  3. You are right Poonam jee, Bollywood lifts music, scenes and entire films from Hollywood. There is a dirth of talent and original thinking in Bollywood but this has happened due to the indifference of the audience and common public. I want this indifference to end and that is why I have opened this blog as an effort towards better awareness, but I have devoted my blog entirely to the plagiarised music.


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