Friday, February 4, 2011

Bachpan o bachpan

This adaptation from the Nursery rhyme "A Tisket A Tasket" has been modified to a great extent by Salilda, so that the song is quite difficult to relate to the original. Moreover, the cinematography and the lively performance of Tanuja, not to mention the great singing by Lata jee has added another dimension to this song.

Bachpan O Bachpan - Mem Didi

Bachpan o bachpan
Film and year
Memdidi (1961)
Music Director (s)
Salil Choudhury
Film Director
Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Film Producer
L. B. Lachman
Singer (s)
Lata Mangeshkar
On whom filmed
Tanuja and other artists
Original song
A Tisket a Tasket - Ella Fitzgerald (1938)


  1. आपने ऑरिजिनल गीत तो सुनाया ही नहीं :(

  2. भूषण जी,
    ओरिजिनल गीत तो पिछली पोस्ट में सुनाया जा चूका था ... मैंने पिछली पोस्ट में एक सवाल किया था ... ये उसी का जवाब है ...


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